ESG Overview

Sares Regis Group of Northern California recognizes our responsibility to advance a sustainable, accessible, and fair future both within our company and through the projects we develop and operate.


Environmental Sustainability

The physical projects we build, develop, and operate are grounded in a belief that environmental sustainability and financial success go hand-in-hand.  Long before the terms “infill” and “TOD” were commonplace, we specialized in developing buildings near transit and in walkable neighborhoods to reduce auto dependence.  More recently, we have advanced mixed-income communities in an effort to reduce long commutes and regional congestion.  We have a long history of redeveloping brown field sites and leaving properties cleaner than when we arrived.   Our CRES division works with world-class companies and design teams to create office campuses with cutting edge environmental systems.  Projects have included the largest net zero energy office campus in the world.  Our team members are on the leading edge of design and sustainability certifications, and we continue to study and implement practices that push the envelope of environmental sustainability.


Social Responsibility

From the residents and users of the buildings that we develop and operate to the colleagues, partners, and community members that we work with daily; people are the core of our business.



Sares Regis Group of Northern California has a highly skilled and diverse Leadership Team that is committed to the highest moral and ethical standards of conduct and to ensuring a fair workplace for our employees and for our partners with whom we do business.

We embrace and value diversity in all its forms: gender, age, ethnicity, and cultural background, and equal opportunity is integral to our recruitment process.  We are focused on increasing the diversity of the real estate development world and on championing a sustained industry focus on equity and inclusion.  We and our people have been recognized in the development field for these efforts.  We also recognize that we can always do more.


We seek to maintain a positive workplace, free from discrimination and harassment. We champion pay equity and mutual respect, promoting an environment of fairness and equality.


Our Employees:  Founded on the core values of relationships, discipline, collaboration and creativity, Sares Regis of Northern California looks to hire a diverse team of talented individuals and to create a safe and inspiring workplace where people feel valued and continue to grow throughout their careers.


Our Foundation:  The Sares Regis Community Education Foundation gives back to the communities in which we live and work.  From stepping up to meet newly emergent needs in times of crisis to a longstanding commitment to supporting education and equality, our foundation aims to  strengthen the communities where we do business and seeks to partner with organizations and individuals tackling important local needs.


Our Communities: Our business is inherently tied to certain geographies, and real estate leaves a legacy.  We take seriously the responsibility to develop vibrant places that we are proud to live and work among long after our projects are completed.  We look for ways to strengthen the community at our project sites.  And as a company, we look for opportunities to invest locally.  We pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with neighbors, community groups, and city officials and the fact that we often have the opportunity to work with the same communities’ multiple times on different projects.